Pictured lyrics for the soul

So at my show on Monday
I was hoping someday
You'd be on your way to better things
It's not about your make-up
Or how you try to shape up
To these tiresome paper dreams
Paper dreams, honey
("She Moves In Her Own Way")

I may say it was your fault
Because i know you could have done more
Oh you're so naive yet so
How could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart.
Ohh and your sweet and pretty face
In such an ugly world
Something so beautiful.
That every time I look inside

Don't come too close
You don't wanna see my ghost
Your turn but I'm betrayed
By you my sweetheart
Don't you think that you went too far?
Do you want to see my heart bleed?
For you, you and him
Him and you you know my heart bleeds

I don't care and if I have to
I'll read your books because they'll remind me of you.
And I'll learn your notes so that I have a clue.
And I'll watch your films, so that I know them through and through.

And I'll do the things that remind me of you.
And I'll wash my hair in your shampoo.
And I'll buy your perfume and spary it 'round my room.
And I'll smoke your cigarettes so that I'm dying too.
And I call you up
("Fa la la")

Take me back to the place where I
Loved that girl for all time
Why must life just take away
Every good thing one at a time
("I Want U Back")

Oh i came to tell you
That your my favourite girl
An would u like it if i put u into my world
Theres broken hearts in basements
An broken love on the streets
You were so fed up of it all always involving me
("Do U Wanna")

Everything she said to me was true
So now I know why
You look blue, it's eating through you
So come by my side
("By My Side")

I'm so scared to lose you now
So easy to lose you now
Because there calling at my door
So I'm locking up my door
("Be Mine")

The Kooks made my life better, I love their music and it is always a pleasure to me to walk by our urban streets with their songs in my earphones :D

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