Thank you:*

We have one beautiful evening together with my friends Oksana and Alina.We decided to take some photos of us, so we went to the Ukrainian Str. that is so beautiful and romantic :D. Here are some of my photos :)


Beauty is right here

I don't think it's a problem to search something beautiful in life. It used to be a hard work for somebody who doesn't really cares about something really good even in his or her own life.I think it would be enough to open your eyes more widely just to see what happens around your personality. The beauty is closer than you think and it doesn't hide somewhere far away from you.You will see it even if you are blind.It goes from your soul.Feel it.


My friend Oksana took some photos of me :) Thank you, my pretty :*

Clothes: Zara dress, Zara cardigan ;)


Have fun!

The charming place that is situated near the beautiful and huge lake of Garda - Gardaland park!Kids, adults, teens - you can find everything you like!So many attractions to visit, but not enough time to do that :( The park is opened from 10 am to 11 pm. There you can stay in the hotel if you want to delight of that beauty for few days)It would be better to buy the guidemap when you will walk around the park in order not to lose your time :) Enjoy!

The fountain near the entrance :) There always so many people from different states!

"And here and there, everywhere" Ok, we'll go :)

Merry-go-round and first child's smile

Timevoyagers : SpongeBob 4D. A new attraction in 2010. My brother liked it most of all :)
5 minutes of laugh ;D

Here the Jungle Rapids attraction.The best thing was - to get wet because it was so hot day before the rain :)We had a lot of fun!!!!!

This is Colorado Boat attraction. You take the canoe and the water carries you up to that hill :)

Fuga Da Atlantide attraction. Wow!This is such a beautiful place!!!!This attraction is on the water, you take a boat and look at the interesting and wonderful views, then you go downstream from 2 hills and good impressions will stay with you for a long time :D

We went to the Fantasy land where the attractions are provided mostly for kids

The Magic House where you could be turned upside down)

Cool cow in a Fantasy land)

Nice grass car :)

My Brother and Me