We were drinking to Nataly

We had a wonderful rest in the suburbs :D I love everything that was there: fresh forest air, good mood, best people, cutie dog Pet'ka and cat, the weather was nice but a little bit cool there!But I had cool memories and I'm still full of impressions :D


Poetry of love

Look at me again , please

Did you miss my kiss?

I need your smile all the time

Again and again to feel you're mine

The road goes on, the night is going to start

Where it goes I don't understand

I just wanna lie and sleep on your hands

You don't love me no more and you don't pretend

     You say you fall in love

But I don't want to know

Whom would she be

I don't think it's me

And all I see is you again

Please stop to terrorize my brain

I think I could have a heart attack

I'm sorry I just want you back



Fluorescent Adolescent

Here we are on our urban streets again :) This is a state holiday day - The Independence of Ukraine! 24.08.2010! We had some Martini before taking photos, so here is a result :) Some faces are rather unclear :D


Live my life

I live in the century that never sleeps. I live in the world that has no end. I live in the country that needs a repairing. I live in the city that I really love. I live on the street with small houses. I live in a house on the first floor. I live in a flat and I have own room. I live.


Baby, I'm yours :D

Well this is my the most lovely photosession :D And thank's to my friend Oksana again for these amazing photos =*

These pictures had inspired me greatly). And one sweet song of my best Arctic Monkeys "Baby, I'm yours" helped me to imagine this post in such a variant as this. Quite romantic photos and quite romantic song :D