I start writing again

I woke up in the morning and

I'm so tired of working

I hate it all, I'll go where I want

I'm gonna find my super headband

Oh, it's 10 am, where are my jeans?

Some make up, some coffee or tea

And maybe someone to kiss

Just not to to feel empty

The metro again, evil people

Pretty girls, busy boys

The oldmen're sitting like a toys

I hate it all, I'm not so eager

Oh no, the way is not so short

Lack of air and soon I'll be dead

I'm sorry, man, I've soiled your shirt

" What an awful lipstick ", someone said

My head is whispering to me :

" I want to explode now! "

And I don't care if someone sees

That I'm asking it : " But how? "

Wanna eat so much today

Let's have a snack, it'll be okay

Oh, wow, tomato's met my T-shirt

What a day, no time to be sad :D

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